Business Topic Roundup

Business Topic Roundup

Blog posts November 2020

Beware! An Email Can Cause Data Breach

Email security is significant due to cyber threats like social attacks

Worldwide business is sprinkled with a variety of industrial segments, joined by a single, common communication string that is critical to any business: email communication.

In the present digital world, each business communi…

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CERN explores the universe with the help of Kubernetes and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

What is dark matter or dark energy? Why don’t we see antimatter? These are questions that help us understand the origin of the universe. CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is one of the world’s largest and most respected centers for scientific research. Its purpose is to find ou…

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Five quick steps to closing a sale

Natural born sales people have something that many people don’t have—charisma. They’re positive, motivating, networking masters and bursting with energy. But having these traits doesn’t mean that they can close. Here’s a simple how-to guide to closing a sale.


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Why Knowing your Competitive Landscape is So Important

Researching your competition might be the most important thing you do in your startup journey. …

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Autonomous driving startup picks up $267M at $5.3B+ valuation, a Chinese startup developing autonomous driving technology for cars and trucks, said late Thursday that it has secured $267 million in additional funding. The investment comes less than a year after the startup raised a hefty $462 million round led by Toyota Motor Corp. at a $3 billion va…

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